Add Glamour to Your Trade Show with Pop up Displays

New Jersey Trade Show Rental

Companies utilize trade show displays to attract the attention of prospective customers towards their products and services. Displays for trade shows come in a variety of designs, styles and sizes. These include pop up displays, banner stands, and portable exhibits and hangings signs. Pop up displays are made from materials such as vinyl, fabric or plastic. These contain one or several graphic images and are available as tabletop and floor displays. Pop up displays can be easily used to display your complete product range. Their large display screen makes them perfect for use at large events and trade shows. These displays are preferred for their expediency, simple set up and minimal wear and tear. They are convenient to use and easy to transport.

Pop-Up Displays offer excellent value for money in terms of their sleek and innovative design, high quality and interesting features. These displays are equally successful in both small as well as large trade show displays. offers many unique pop up displays and trade show accessories. Our pop ups are made with special attention to your business needs and marketing requirements. They help in capturing the attention of the targeted audience by effectively communicating your message across and help you in fulfilling your marketing objectives.

We offer PopUp Displays in three main designs: standard pop up, deluxe pop up and premium pop up. Standard pop up is powered by a 200-watt Halogen lighting, good quality graphics and comes in a gauge plastic carrying case. We provide lifetime warranty on the frame and offer standard pop up in various sizes. Deluxe and premium pop ups are backed by a lifetime warranty. Replacement parts, if covered under warranty can be dispatched to your site. Both these pop ups are available in various sizes and are powered by a 200-watt Halogen wall washer light and come encased in heavy duty gauge plastic cases. Backlit header, backlit bubble panel and internal display shelf are other add-on features.

Our pops up displays are available in different sizes and designs to suit your varied requirements. First Trade Show is one of the very few companies that takes complete care of all your trade show requirements and helps you to create the desired impact at trade shows and promotional events. To know more about trade show displays and banner stands for trade shows, visit and discover an entirely new concept to take your business places.