All About Pop-Up Displays

New Jersey Trade Show Rental

Trade shows provide an excellent platform to companies to establish a face-to-face contact with potential customers and offer a unique opportunity to promote and enhance business. If you too are contemplating participation in a trade show and wish to display your complete product range, a pop-up display system may prove handy.

The large display screen of these display systems makes them ideal for use at trade shows and events etc. Many companies deal in manufacture and supply of various kinds of pop-up displays.

First Trade Show offers several unique pop-up display systems along with other trade show accessories. The company’s Pop-Up Displays offer excellent value for money in terms of their sleek and innovative design, high quality and interesting features.

The company offers pop-up displays in three basic designs: standard pop-up, deluxe pop-up and premium pop-up. Standard pop-up is backed by a one-year warranty on the frame and comes in a gauge plastic carrying case. It has 200-watt Halogen lighting, good quality graphics and is available in different sizes.

Deluxe pop-up and Premium pop-up offer lifetime warranty on the frame and replacement parts if covered under the warranty can be dispatched to your site. These are available in different sizes, encased in heavy-duty gauge plastic cases and lit by 200-watt Halogen wall washer lightning. Additional features include backlit header, internal display shelf and backlit bubble panel.

Excellent warranty, Halogen lighting, superior graphics, portability and affordable price make pop-up displays from First Trade Show the right choice for Portable Trade Shows Displays. For more information about Abex Display, Expo Display, Xpressions Display, Skyline Display and Nimlok Display, please visit