Hanging Signs

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A Hanging sign is a suspended sign above an exhibit that is used to display graphics or identification signs. These Hanging Signs help to attract attention of the trade show attendees and guide them towards the trade show exhibit. These signs help in increasing the vertical statement of a trade show exhibit and are visible from a greater distance at trade show location.

Hanging signs are versatile, suspended or floating displays that consist of stretched tension fabric on an aluminum tube framework. A die-sublimated printing process is used to create a sharp and beautiful image on the tension fabric of the Hanging signs. Most of these signs are portable, easy to fold, ship and pack. The signs help to create a dramatic effect and with the right lighting produce stunning results.

The advantages of Hanging Signs are many. The signs help in guiding customer traffic to the stall as it marks the physical location of the stall. The sign helps in drawing the customer’s attention to the company brand. With proper illumination these signs enhance the visual appeal of the trade show booth. If the exhibitor uses the signs creatively, these simple signs can add loads of interest and drama to the trade show displays. Interesting Trade Show Graphics add glamour to the exhibit and enhance the aesthetic appeal of the site.

First Trade Show offers a variety of trade show products including hanging signs such as square signs, triangular signs, circular signs, tapered squares, tapered circles, pin wheels, and many more. We offer hanging signage in sizes ranging from 5 ft to 25 ft along with custom sizes. We offer two types of hanging signs- tension fabric display and gravity tension display.

Tension Fabric Displays
These displays are used to create a seamless display with stretchable material as it produces no wrinkles. Dye-sublimation process and state-of-the-art equipment are used to produce vibrant colors in the displays. The tension fabric is zipped into the frame like a “pillow case” and a backer is used to get exceptional results.

Gravity Tension Displays

These Displays use “gravity” to create tension on the unit. These economical options do not offer seamless display and the displays have gaps on the corners.

All the products are shipped in a foam lined, standard, and coroplast box. We also have a hard wheeled shipping case.

First Trade Show offers Trade Show Exhibits and Trade show accessories such as Table Top Display, Portable Exhibits, Banner Stands, Custom Exhibits, Trade Show Lighting and Table Throws etc.

The trade show products are available in a variety of options; you can choose the one that suits your requirements. Visit the site www.firsttradeshow.com and find premium quality product for your trade show exhibits.