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Just as all the basketball players want to be in the Hall of Fame, similarly all the companies want to be present in a prominent Trade Fare. A trade fare is like a Mecca for companies and they prepare for it very religiously. A Banner Stand helps in getting the companies ready for a trade fare.

Gone are the days when trade fares used to employ wooden table and chairs, with a person telling the customers about the products of the company. Today's trade fares are high tech demonstration of a company's offerings.

Banner Stand is a very valuable addition to the concept of well organized trade fares. A Banner Stand is very portable and occupies a limited space. It is very easy to set up and can be virtually done by almost anybody.

The vertical design of banner stand gives them a towering appearance. Psychologically, a Banner Stand is at the proper eye level for the customers to view. Hence it serves a better purpose as far as advertising for your products is concerned.

The outdoor banner stand is suitable to be used outside the stalls or even in front of ATM outlets or retail outlets. They can have an internal lighting system  which makes them suitable for any time usage .They are also very suitable for dimly light areas.

The impressive printing on banner stands makes them totally exclusive and adds huge decorative value to it. The high resolution printing on these stands gives a lot of expression to the words printed on it.

The roll up banner stand come in various design. The scrolling banner stand provides space within space and is in vogue now days. the repeated movement of the panel screen throws up new information every second and keeps the customers glued to it.

Other options in Roller banner stand include the retractable banner stands which are double sided also. The self illuminating roller banner is also very impressive and is sure to draw admirations.

First Trade Show are the masters of preparing your stall for the D-Day. The products available range from eye-catching pop up displays to towering banners . They also provide holistic packages for the trade show. This includes metallic furnitures, plasma screens and LCD's. They also have a captive printing facility and can provide tremendous graphics for your booth.





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