Banner Stands/Displays

Banner Stands/Displays
  • Scrolling Banner Stand

    • Banner Stands for Trade Show-Scrolling
    • If you want an easy to set up banner stand that will turn heads, discover First Trade Show’s scrolling banner stand. Once it commands the eye of the passerby, our scrolling stands and delivers twice the content in the same space as a static stand - for a surprisingly low price!

      The scrolling banner stand rotates a continuous 160" (4050mm) graphic, which First Trade show can expertly print and install. The spring-loaded unit sets up quickly, driving the graphic continuously using an electric motor concealed in the base.

      The stylish unit features a simple design that allows the graphic to steal the show. The rugged aluminum and chrome stand is engineered for reliable, long term use even in challenging trade show conditions. Just plug it into any standard 110v power outlet and let her scroll!

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