Creating Trade Show Displays that Work!

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Yes, it is indeed true that you should dexterously plan out your trade show exposure. The size and location of the booth, marketing materials to be used and the time line of operation, every aspect needs a strategic approach. However, mere planning does not promise for best results. It is the trade show displays that have a major role in the success of your trade show presence. Hence, creating displays for your trade stall needs a keen attention. Only if they work that your trade stall see a great number of consumer foot falls. To this end, it helps you in making leads, generate brand awareness and produce better brand impact.

Now, there are different types of displays like Downing Display, Expo Display, Nimlok Display, Nomadic Display, Fabric Displays and several others. They come in forms of portable exhibits, table top displays, banner stands, Pop Up Displays, folding frame, backlit light box and variety of options. However, they have the same purpose of attracting more and more audiences to the Expo Booth.

Get to know the aspects that can make your trade show displays work wonders -

Select graphics carefully:

One must use graphics for say in the downing display from their own products or marketing literature. This helps the branding image of a company. The rule of thumb is that simple, bold and clear images should be used for they are more effective for brand remembrance. Abstract, highly embellished, or confusing art may be aesthetically great but does not relate to the audiences easily. 

Colour scheme used:

Colours play an important role in creating an identity for any brand. To lend a professional image, create a coordinated appearance for your trade show downing displays. Limit your color usage to only three varieties for the display elements and table coverings - such as gray, white, and blue.  This also gives a specific appeal that lets your products or services depicted on the displays stand out prominently.

Text Layouts:

The text layouts on the trade show Downing Display  should be large enough to be read from a considerable distance. For better visibility, the text should be placed on the upper half of your display design. This enables the people standing at the back of many others comfortably view it. Again, text should be generally avoided on textured displays for it cause trouble to read.

So, take these fundamental points into consideration while designing your trade show downing display to make an effective impression on the audiences.