Expo Displays

New Jersey Trade Show Rental

One of the leading manufacture and designer of custom displays and exhibits is Expo Displays. Creative design, quality control and reliability are the key features of Expo Displays. As one of the pioneers in the portable and modular arena, Expo Displays has positioned itself as an inevitable name in the trade show industry.

One portal which can be described as the Kosher of trade show solutions is First Trade Show. This portal offers exhibits and trade show products, custom design services, large format printing and trade show resources. This portal has products that are innovative in design and graphics that make them a cut above the rest and attract more attention from the visitors. Portable exhibits, table-top displays, banner stands and displays modular and custom exhibits are expo display solutions available in this portal.

Expo display solutions at First Trade Show are unique in design and also cater to different budget plans. The portable exhibit solutions are durable, flexible, easy to set up and handle. These modular and custom trade show booth solutions offered by this portal are specially design to market a brand more effectively. Special attention requires special booths and the modular and custom exhibit solutions available here may well do the trick by attracting extra attention from the visitors.

Showstyle and ShowMax are among expo display solutions available at First Trade Show. Because of its small size and low weight, Showstyle is best suited for sales people, teachers and recruiters for delivering a quick message. Showstyle requires 15 minutes set up time and comes four different colors with 3 plus years warranty.

Being a self-packing display ShowMax comes as a quick and simple display solution. ShowMax is easily transportable and best part is that it is not considered an oversized luggage by most airlines. ShowMax is requires 15 seconds set up time and is available in four different colors and comes with 3 plus years warranty.

First Trade Show also provides creative and exhibit management services. Due to its creative touch, products are displayed in a special way and the message is clearly delivered to the customers. The testimonies of its clients indicate that at First Trade Show, 100 per cent customer satisfaction is guaranteed. It also offers exhibit management services to companies struggling with too many trade show exhibits commitments.