How to Plan Trade Show Booths- A Time line for Success

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Successful trade show booths do not shape up overnight. They are always an output of meticulous planning. A whole lot of strategy goes in to make them happening. However, this entire production process must follow a certain time line. Only a time bound effort in planning your trade show stalls can bring the best results.

Let us start with the significant aspect that should be kept in mind while designing a trade show booth. The foremost thing is the booth size and location. Of course, bigger the floor space and primary is the location, the higher is the chance of brand viewing. However, this does not mean that a large investment on them will definitely lead to a better return. You can do excellent with a small and not-so-prime placement but quality booth materials and other marketing activities. Even a 10x10 custom trade show booth that is creatively done can draw in huge amount of traffic.

Now think how to plan out your custom trade show booth within your stipulated deadline. Here, the formula of working backwards from the date of the show proves to be the most effective. It is advisable not to linger till the eleventh hour to plan your display. There are different ways to custom design your trade show booth and each of them require different time duration.

If you are going for Abex Display then zero in on the variety that you want to use. There are Portable Exhibits, which are very convenient to set up and transport. Again, there are banner stands for trade shows that include options like retractable, non-retractable, scrolling, tower displays and others. To add on, Abex Exhibits include modular exhibits on one hand, while there are trade show accessories on the other. Choose as per your wish but keep in mind the time line to be met.

Planning out a custom Trade Show Booth for an island display, three months is the ideal time length to initiate the designing procedure. For smaller size booth, say 10x20 two weeks time is adequate to  incorporate an initial consultation, first design and any revisions. Now, the design should be completed two months before the show and the exhibits must go in for production. In the mean time, two to three weeks should be devoted to the display graphics of your custom trade show booth.  Five to ten  working days are essential for  proofing and final checking of these graphics as per the job size. A weeks time should be kept as the preview time where the graphics are fixed t the display. Finally around a week before the show your custom trade show booth is shipped to the site of the trade show.

So, consider the factor of time to be extremely crucial in planning out your Portable Booth efficiently.