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Trade shows have always been an integral part of the business world. However, the layout and the design of trade shows have undergone a drastic change over time. The reason is simple. With increasing competition, there are more number of players in the field offering their products and services. This means the space available to display your products at trade shows is getting limited. This space constraint has made the role of an expo booth quite significant.

As a business owner, you would like to utilize the available space allocated to you at a trade show effectively. For this, we may resort to attractive expo booths that allow you to display all your products in an effective manner. In fact, there are many companies that offer innovative ideas related to trade show displays and expo booths. One such innovative idea is portable expo booths.

Portable expo booths not only feature innovative design and graphics, but are also easy to set up and transport. This means you can use them more than once. What a cost effective way of promoting your business at trade shows! A portable expo booth also allows you to use the available space at a trade show effectively.

Pop up displays are the most commonly used expo displays. You may opt of fixed size pop up displays or the one that can adjust to fit an 8ft or 10ft booth space. The best quality pop up displays available in the market feature attractive graphics that are a result of highest quality inkjet printing on scuff resistant, rollable polycarbonate with backer. The lighting, an essential part of an attractive trade show display, takes the form of 200 watt Halogen wall washer. While in some cases, it must be removed prior to transport and re-installed with each usage, it may also stay on the frame during transport. 

There are many shapes available in pop up displays. You may go for curved wall, straight wall, serpentine, gullwing, horseshoe or half circle depending upon your requirements.

A portable fabric backwall or a fabric pop-up backwall would also help you make the maximum impact with minimal set up. If you are looking for a versatile unit that is professional and functional, you may opt for a carpet panel system. This expo booth is lightweight and reversible. Its folding stackable display covered on both sides with Velcro receptive fabric renders a professional look. You may start with a basic design or add a variety of options to customize the look. The choice is yours!

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