Latest Trade Show Displays

New Jersey Trade Show Rental

Creating an impact on launch of products or services largely depends on the trade show displays you choose. Trade show displays provide the right platform and milieu which would increase your boot traffic and do wonders to your business. They should be eye catching and be able to give the right support for your products or services.

Next time when you choose a display for trade show, take the right decision by relying on First Trade Show. It offers a range of display for trade show products such as table top display, floor models, portable models which is unmatchable in look and design and rightly communicates your messages to the potential customers.

The table top display products include Evolution, ExpoAire II, AirLite II, ShowMax and Showstyle. Evolution is the top pop-up unit in the industry which takes about 10 minutes set time. It comes with a lifetime warranty. ShowMax requires just 15 seconds to set up and is easy and handy to use. Another table top display, Show Style requires the same set up time as ShowMax and is ideal for recruiters, teachers and salespeople. All these table top display products come at moderate and affordable prices.

First Trade Show also offers banner stand display which acts as supplementary communication medium. The top banner stand displays include products like X-Stand, SmartStand, Chronoexpo2, Expand Banner Stand, and DiamondFlex 100.

Chronoexpo2 is a very versatile product with ability to create customized designs. With a simple and elegant design it carries a low price tag. Expand Banner Stand is the ultimate system to create sleek and high quality designs. It also comes with a lifetime warranty. If floor space is limited, you can go for SmartStand which are smart enough to create an impression. These products come with accessories like nylon bag and optional lighting.

So next time if look for any display for trade show, visit First Trade Show’s website at Remember that the right display for trade show is required to maximize your booth traffic.

Other then trade show displays, First Trade Show also offers plasma screens, projectors and computer equipment, LCD monitors, carrying cases, light boxes, and portable display shipping cases. In the next trade show let your booth be the centre of attraction by choosing trade show displays from First Trade Show.