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Trade shows and exhibitions are the perfect places for any company to promote their names and products. However, proper promotion requires effective promotional materials such as banner stands, brochures, trade show lightening, trade show displays, hanging signs, promotional literatures and a stylish trade show booth. All these promotional accessories compliment each other and are an integral part of a comprehensive promotional strategy. Banner Stands for Trade Shows play their part in creating awareness and directing the target audience towards the exhibitor’s trade show booth.

Varied types of Banner Stands

The different types of banner stands available in the trade shows are:

  1. Roll up banner stands - These are banner stands that have everything you need. When you roll it down, you attach it at the bottom and your banner display is finished. They can sit on the ground or they can be so short they sit on a tabletop.
  2. Table stands - These are the stands that you're going to place upon your table tops to display your small tabletop banners. You can get these tabletop banner stands as roll up banner stands, L banner stands, and X banner stands.
  3. Pole up tension banner stands - This is a collapsible pole that does not take long to put up and is quite lightweight. You have the option of using extra tall pole up tension banner stands in order to get attention from long distances.
  4. X banner stands -  This type of banner stand has three legs and a backing and allows for the banner to be attached at all four corners. The stand is lightweight and sets up rather quickly.
  5. L banner stands – This kind of banner stand is lightweight and easy to transport. It clips the banner at the top and at the bottom in order to keep it completely flat.

Trade Show Lightening
Trade show lighting is an important facet of any exhibiting strategy but it is very often overlooked by some exhibitors. The impact of a well designed lighting system on a trade show display is immense. In order to get clear on your exhibit lighting needs, you should carefully consider the following points:

  • If you're looking to create a warm and inviting atmosphere, soft ambient lighting that is evenly distributed will provide this type of environment. While, if you're looking to create a fast-paced and high-energy environment, bright spotlights and colored lighting can provide interesting effects.
  • Many exhibit halls prohibit the use of certain types of lighting. If you plan to use your trade show lighting system in Europe or Asia, you will need to purchase a special transformer or a conversion system to make your lighting work.
  • If you want to place emphasis on a particular product, spotlighting that product from above is a great way to create visual interest. While if you want to place emphasis on a large back wall graphic, then floodlights or "wall-washers" are probably in order.
  • Depending on the type of lights you purchase, you will need to make sure that you have all the necessary clamps and connector pieces to make your lighting system work with your display unit.

Trade Show Displays

Trade show displays are the varied objects on and through which all kinds of artifacts, products, magazines and showpieces are displayed in a trade show. The purpose of the various types of displays is to make a product more enchanting to potential buyers. The most notable among them include trade show displays, display cases and rack displays. Trade show displays are eye-catchy and always deliver a memorable message.

Hanging Signs

A hanging sign is a trade show display that hangs over the top of your exhibit booth. Since hanging signs must actually be hung from a ceiling or rafters, they work best in trade show scenarios that take place indoors rather than outdoors. The only way to use a hanging sign outdoors is if you erect a tall pole to hang your display from.







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