Make Your Trade Show More Effective With Hangings Sings

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Hanging signs are versatile signage suspended above an exhibit used to display graphics or identification signs. Hanging banners and signs for trade shows are an excellent way to enhance brand awareness and make your presence felt. These signs increase the visibility of your booth and attract visitor attention even from a distance. Their graphic images and bright lighting captures the attention of the audience and attracts them to your display booth. These hanging signs serve as guides, marking the physical location of your stall. A booth adorned with striking aerial signs and overhead banners stands out from the rest. These signs help you to effectively channel customer traffic to your booth without being hard on your pocket.

Apart from increasing visibility and attracting visitor traffic, Hanging Signage together with other trade show accessories help to get across your advertising message across to your target audience, effectively. With adequate lighting and proper illumination, overhead signs add to the visual appeal of your stall. They impart dimensions to your booth when attendees are standing nearby.  Most hanging signs are made from durable aluminum frame that is suspended from the ceiling. The graphic portion is generally made from a tension fabric material that can be stretched around the aluminum frame.  Hanging banners and signs are usually portable, easy to use, set up, fold and transport. For a look at banner stands for trade show, displays for trade show, portable trade show exhibits and pop up exhibits, log on to

At First Trade Show, we offer a variety of compelling hanging solutions in tension fabric. Our Hanging Signs are available in various designs and shapes: circular signs, square signs, triangular signs, pinwheels, tapered circles, tapered squares and a lot more. Whether you are looking for a simple design or unique, inspiring shapes, we have the right solution for all your trade show needs. You can choose from amongst our wide range of overhead banner designs. Or, if you have a specific shape, color or design in mind, our customized hanging signs will suit your requirements. We offer two kinds of overhead signs: tension fabric display and gravity tension display.

Our trade show products and accessories are available in many interesting varieties; you can choose the one that addresses your requirements most suitably. Our fascinating trade show graphics add glamour to your exhibit and enhance its aesthetic appeal. For more information about trade show hanging signs and overhead banners, visit