Modular Trade Show Displays in Recent Times

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Recently trade show displays have gained much significance in advertising of different products. A variety of trade show displays are available in the market today – banners, banner stand, hanging displays, and custom trade show booth. All of them are innovative, portable, and easy to carry and with quick set ups; ready to serve the required demand of the exhibitor. Modular trade show display helps to create a clear, polished, professional image of one’s business. It is a step beyond giving an impact in the trade show. Modular trade show display provides an ultimate design and branding flexibility in order to make the exhibit stand out from the crowd. The displays are either custom tailored or made of standard components, designed as per the required branding and communication needs. The use of graphics and high quality finishes make the exhibit unique.

Modular trade show displays attract attention of customers towards a company’s product or products. The displays often feature trade show table cover or runner, which is either printed with company logo or utilizes a particular color scheme. Another type of modular trade show display includes portable trade show exhibits that are lightweight and can be set up in minutes. Portable displays minimize installation, shipping and drayage costs.

Xpressions booth has also become an important part of trade shows and centre of attraction when it comes to stylish designing and graphics. Xpressions pop up display enhance the creative appeal and energy of the marketing message. It allows the numerous dimensional graphic configurations that are portable and set up quickly. Xpressions WOW and Xpressions SNAP are the latest revolutionary innovations in pop-up displays.

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