Portable Exhibits

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Trade shows are important events for a business or company that wants to introduce a new concept or product. These shows become the launching pads for the marketing of such products and services. But to make a favorable impression on the customer, the look and presentation of the trade show exhibit should be striking and unique. Portable exhibits do just that; they provide a creative and professional touch to the overall presentation of the trade show booth.

These portable booths are easy to install and can be easily transported anywhere, they thus acquire the name of portable display booths. First Trade Show offers many innovative trade show products and accessories that help in effective trade show communication. There are many portable exhibits displayed on the site such as Evolution, Expocurve, Expoaire II and Xpressions. These portable exhibit designs are unique and each of them offers distinct advantages.

Evolution is a simple design that offers durability and flexibility. The design has a framework of reinforced aluminum and is lightweight. The design comes with a lifetime warranty and has unique three-piece channel bar system plus a magnet-to-magnet panel application. This is a premium pop up display, which is available in many different sizes and models.

Expocurve is an economical portable exhibit that comes with lifetime warranty. You can easily install the versatile design. This exhibit uses graphic murals, transparencies and lighting systems to create an innovative design that is available in wide range of fabric and color options.

ExpoAire II is one of the finest fabric display panel products that are a combination of versatility and creativity. The design offers many additional features such as cabinets, towers, slat wall, shelves etc. You can easily install the exhibit and attract customers to your booth.

Xpressions is a display that uses three-dimensional design, displaying a large number of images in an innovative and interesting fashion. The different combinations of the images create interesting patterns and are successful in capturing and holding the audience attention. This display should be your choice if you want to create a stir in the trade show.

These spectacular trade show exhibits are quite a hit at the trade shows wherever they are used. They surely highlight the product and service they are promoting and thus fulfill the exhibitor’s trade show objectives. Visit the site www.firsttradeshow.com to look at these amazing trade show products along with many other trade show accessories.