Choices available in Portable Trade Show Displays

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Why do you need portable trade show displays? The answer is quite simple. You need them, as they would be much easier to set up and carry from one place to another. But, one thing that you may not know is the degree of portability of the trade show exhibits. Most companies in this field say that they provide portable exhibits to their clients for trade shows, conferences and other events. However, very few of them may tell you the degree of portability of their products.

As an owner of a business organization, you need to know the degree of portability of every product that is being claimed to be portable. Why? This is because there is an underlying cost factor. You all would agree that it isn’t just how much your portable trade show booth initially costs that matters, it’s also how much it costs to carry it to and from the trade show. So, the more portable your trade show displays are, the lesser it would cost you to carry them up to the venue and set them up. 

If you are wondering what all choices are available in portable trade show displays, let’s have a look at the list that follows.

  1. Retractable Banner Stands: These banners stands are highly durable. Featuring silver anodized/extruded aluminum support base, they can be carried easily from one place to another. When used at a trade show, graphics are simply rolled up from the silver anodized aluminum support base. But, later it can be comfortably retracted for storage and transport.

  2. Tower Displays: Tower displays are a perfect choice to display larger graphics and attracting the attention of the trade show attendees. What is really great about this unit is that after the show is over, it collapses to a portable case for easy transportation. These portable trade show displays can also be used as a stand alone display.

  3. Rololight Portable Backlit Display: This is one of the most unique portable displays at the trade show. Making use of light, it lights up your brand message or product description, which in turn helps in grabbing the attention of potential customers present at the trade show. Available in four sizes, it also enables you to change messages between shows by utilizing multiple backlit panels. As far as its portability is concerned, you would be happy to know that this unit gets packed in its carrying case quickly and takes only a few minutes to set up.  

Similarly, there are many pop up portable trade show displays that are extremely easy to set up and transport. Most of them come with plastic carrying case with case-to-podium conversion including Velcro flexible plastic top and carpet wrap. Some premium quality pop up portable displays also come with heavy duty gauge roto-molded plastic case with shielded wheels to protect during shipment.

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