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Trade show booths are one of the best direct contact systems with the consumers today. The opportunity to meet face to face with the consumers gives excellent sale results if you have a good marketing and communication strategy. Most of the trade shows organizers give information about the last year’s demographics of the visitors. Thus a trade show booth should be planned keeping these demographics in mind. You should explore new ideas so as to extract maximum out of the event both by brand building and sales.

Usually most of the companies use the same logo, color for the trade show as used in their marketing materials. This is because that is the corporate identity of their company and the brands. They generally do not alter this. But this does not restrict them from using other colors in the trade show booth. People, who are involved in designing a trade show booth, tend to spend maximum time in designing the color scheme for their booth. The colors should keep a balance and have an aesthetic appeal. Bright and cheerful colors do well in the trade show booths as they signify energy and class. But this not hold true in all situations, because one of the most successful trade show booths ever for a fortune 500 company was white and pale grey with hints of red and black set against some gorgeous visuals. Thus a careful thought on the color scheme is required while planning a trade show booth.

The next very important element that should be kept in mind while designing an irresistible trade show booth is lights. The visuals and the graphics and the banners of the company should be clearly visible and should appear attractive. You should exhibit more light than the normal. This helps you stand out from your competitors. Your booth should be attractive and easily distinguishable from the rest. The colors and the lights should be coupled together technically to result into a beautiful trade show booth.

Besides this, it is very important to have a balanced décor. The space should be used symmetrically and should be balanced. The display material and the furniture should be spread evenly instead of concentrating in one section only. It should look attractive and the visitors must have enough space to move about and look at all the products comfortably. The booths should look open and have an inviting appeal for all the visitors. All the physical and psychological barriers should be removed.

Beyond these physical oriented strategies, there are other factors also that would lead to a successful and attractive trade show booth. It is very important to give a human touch. Genuine smiles on the part of the staff at trade show would attract innumerable customers. Although it cost nothing, it has proved to be highly successful. Moreover the staff should be cheerful and up beat in meeting new people. The staff should be appealing and know the products and the services very well. They should be trained sufficiently to do so. All these factors, when kept in mind, help in designing an irresistible trade show booth.

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