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    • BannerBug
    • BannerBug
      The most flexible retractable line offering many options

      If you like choices, you'll love the BannerBug. Available as a single- or double-sided display, BannerBug comes in a range of sizes, from the pint-sized Desk Bug to the 10-foot-high Giant Bug.

      It's also lightweight and quick to set up. And when the time comes for new graphics, changing graphics is a breeze.

      BannerBug packs up tight in its own black, super nylon bag with shoulder strap. It's as light as your carry-on luggage, so it's easy on the shoulders, making it the ideal traveling companion to serve all your marketing and promotional needs.

      Set-up and breakdown are simple, because graphics roll up or down in seconds. Anyone can change the graphics in a snap. Banner Bug's design offers a sleek, modern way to display any graphic, but it's also sturdy. Your graphic is securely stored inside the unit's protective base, limiting damage to graphics caused by multiple uses.

      Appearance: Sleek and modern
      Accessories: Includes nylon carrying bag. Optional lighting, hard rolling carrying case, or single or double sided graphics.
      Base: Silver anodized aluminum
      Size: Height up to 9.5 ft and width from 22" to 59"
      Value: Lower cost; 1 year warranty

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