Modular/Custom Exhibits

Modular/Custom Exhibits
    • ExpoForm Modular/Custom Exhibit
    • ExpoForm
      Multiple metal surfaces combine to create innovative designs

      ExpoForm is a custom exhibit system utilizing aluminum, chrome and steel to create modern, modular exhibits. Its sleek aluminum frames can accommodate graphics and laminated panels for a near seamless, finished look, or the frames can stand alone as a functional design element.

      Graphics and panels (in literally hundreds of finishes) are simple to attach and change, and may be used on one or both sides of a frame. Frames are easily connected to form the desired configuration through the use of steel rods of various sizes and shapes.

      ExpoForm, well suited for trade show, retail and museum exhibits, is also a perfect trade show rental solution because it is easy to reconfigure, change and set up.

      Appearance: Modern, sleek
      Value: Higher cost

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