Rental Trade Show Exhibits

New Jersey Trade Show Rental

Trade shows are quite common these days. The best way to showcase products and entice the customers is by holding trade shows. Holding or participating in such trade shows requires time for preparation and also finance. Due to shortage of time and finance, rental trade show exhibits has become the solution for many companies. Abex Displays caters to this very need. Abex Displays is one of the top trade show products. Abex Displays comes as the right choice and right solution for trade show needs.

Abex Display Systems manufactures a complete range of portable, custom, and modular trade show display systems. The products are durable, flexible and can be easily reconfigured. Abex panels are made from finest material and components by skilled craftsmen. Abex Display Systems assures high visibility and high quality presentation. The budget range ranges from under $5000 to above $40,000.

The products of Abex Display System include Table-Top Displays, Portable Exhibits, Banner Stand/Displays, and Modular/Custom Exhibits apart from other trade show accessories. Lifetime warranty is given on most of its products.

Rental trade show exhibits helps the business by providing creative solution and figuring out what exactly the customer needs. Usually people are attracted towards especially designed booths that stand out from the rest. The answer to this is Custom and Modular exhibits. Unique custom and modular exhibits are specially designed at Abex to help attract that extra attention.

One portal that has been involved in servicing companies in rental trade show exhibits is It provides the companies with trade show product and printing needs. It not only provides rental services, but also provides creative services and exhibit management services. Its rental services include trade show booths, plasma screens and audio visual equipment and furniture. Its audio visual equipment includes plasma screens, LCD monitors, projectors and computer equipment.

The trade show booths and banners are specially designed with a creative touch to attract more visitors and maximize cash flow. First Trade Show also helps companies in managing their trade show programs. It provides exhibit management services to make the customer’s job easier. Its services also come at a competitive price and are characterized by dependability, assured quality and being customer friendly.