Trade Show Display Graphics: Some Important Features

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Trade show display graphics add another great element to the presentation and the charm of your trade show layout. Without a slightest of doubt, we all would agree that trade show graphic display are an indispensable requirement for any portable trade show booth. The reason behind is simple. These trade show graphic displays are one of the most attractive methods of communicating the product utility and application to its potential customers. However, any trade show graphic display would not be enough. There must be a logic and pattern behind a graphic display. Here is a list of some important features that will help you choose the right trade show graphic display.

Innovation: This is something very important. Make sure that you bring in a ting of innovation. There is a good old saying that “ a unique display is an eye catching one”. An innovative display must be a blend of logic and information. The size of the display also plays a vital part. The files must be appropriately sized in order for the graphics to work. If your image is too small, or the resolution of your photography is too low, blowing it up to a size that will fit your trade show display and accessories will result in a distorted or blurry image. Ask for the smallest and largest acceptable dimensions for your graphic images to avoid needless design steps with the design department. Another key criteria of innovating your portable trade show booth is – the color match. Your version of royal blue may not be the same as the graphic designers' version of royal blue. Asking to see an electronic sample can be tricky, because the different settings on different computer monitors can distort the color's appearance - and the same goes for printouts as well. Because of this, many designers use CMYK or RGB color models as standardized guidelines for choosing universal colors. Find out which ones your design team follow and choose a color that best represents your company from there.  

Industry Specific: A good trade show display graphic should be industry specific. Every industry has its own pattern of advertisement and promotions. As a trade show participant you need to analyze industrial requirements and opt for a trade show display graphic accordingly.

I hope these inputs help you choose the right trade show display graphic.

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