Trade Show Lighting

New Jersey Trade Show Rental

Today, trade shows are a popular medium to exhibit one’s product or service. But the exhibit is successful only when it creates a lasting impact on the psyche of the target audience. The visual appeal of an exhibit plays an important role in capturing the customer’s attention.

But how do you increase the visual appeal of an exhibit? The answer is, by an attractive and creative presentation of the exhibit. This creative presentation can be achieved by using innovative trade show exhibits and trade show accessories. Trade show lighting also plays an integral part in highlighting products and focusing customer attention on the desired object or product.

First Trade Show offers many trade show lighting options such as Arms lights line voltage wall washings & spotlights and Arm lights low voltage spotlights. Arms lights line voltage wall washings are used to provide wall washing and illumination without hot spots. Arms lights line voltage spot lights are used for providing incandescent spot lighting in a particular area while the Arms lights low voltage spot lights are used for providing halogen spot lighting in a desired area. All these lights are ELT approved and are available in many different models.

First Trade Show also offers attractive light boxes that are available in many models. You can choose from wall-mount, prismatic, recessed, double-sided, and outdoor configurations. All these light boxes are found in a variety of sizes and finishes.
The distinguishing features of these boxes are color correct illumination, easy tool free graphic and standard interior access. The light boxes provide even illumination enhancing the impact of the backlit display units.

First Trade Show offers many other trade show display products and accessories such as portable display exhibits, table top displays, banner stands, table throws, hanging signs etc. all these products compliment each other and offer a comprehensive trade show package that helps in effective trade show communication. These innovative products and unique designs create an impact in the trade show and help you to gain maximum mileage from your trade show exhibit. You thus receive full value for every dollar you spend on the trade show exhibition.

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