Xpressions Will Take You Ahead In Trade Shows

New Jersey Trade Show Rental

Trade shows provide a platform for direct interface between the customer and the company. The main aim of participating in a trade show is to tap the market which has not been touched yet and to get in direct contact with the potential customers. It becomes imperative that the stall should be exciting and attractive so that customers flock around the stall. An attractive stall helps in gaining attention of the customer and at the same time conveying the promotional message of the company. A lot of thought goes in to make an attractive stall, and various display techniques are used like portable trade show displays, table top displays and modular exhibits to achieve the same.

Xpressions from First Trade Show is a unique display solution which offers three dimensional Portable Exhibits. It helps in expressing the message in a very dynamic way. With its three dimensional design, the images seem to pop out and look real.

Xpressions display is a unique three dimensional trade show Portable exhibit. It is very flexible in designs which give options of various graphic combinations. It is a very versatile, lightweight and durable portable display. One thing which is unique to Xpressions is the changeable graphics that add drama to a trade show attracting more customers to the stall. With so much of flexibility in the graphic designs in Xpressions, the visibility of the brand name of the exhibitor increases as it can be seen from various angles because of to its 3D design. It uses a stretchable fabric board for 3D display. It consists of popup framework which is made of tension fabric and aluminum.  It can easily be installed anywhere as it comes in knock down form, it can be repacked and instantly assembled at a trade show place. This is one of the biggest advantage of Xpressions which makes it better then other portable display booths.

They can also be customized depending on the client’s requirement. It helps in highlighting the exhibitor‘s brand distinctly and make the customer respond in a positive manner. Xpressions are available in various sizes of 3X3, 4X4 and even in Pyramid shape. It is best suited for event marketing, pop displays, trade show displays, backdrops and exhibitions. It gives a professional look to a trade show stall and it saves a lot time when it comes to repacking and assembling it. For more information on Xpressions and other trade display solutions, log onto www.firsttradeshow.com.