Aluminum Extrusion Display

Cutting-Edge Deisgn for Maximum impact

Our Aluminum Extrusion Portable displays are the original custom modular displays creating a hybrid between portable pop up displays and custom displays. Hybrid displays have been gaining popularity because they are easy to assemble and ship, but have the look of a high end custom exhibit. These display are made in the USA and offers high quality construction at an affordable price. Multiple accessory options are available including monitor mounts, counters, and lighting!

This display is also available with our “Green option,” where recyclable aluminum extrusions are used in conjunction with recycled fabric and materials to provide you with a completely green show display

Appearance:Sleek and Modern
Set-up:45 minute
Flexibility:Interchangeable panels
Special Features:Available “Green option” and mounted LCD monitor
Durability:Lifetime Warranty
Size:Available in 10’ or 20’ wide
Value:Higher cost