Curved Tension Fabric Backwall

Are you looking for a display that will stand out from the crowd of “me too” pop-ups? Check out this perfect product that is easy on the budget and full of originality. A full line of available accessories completes your booth and provides ultimate flexibility.

A portable fabric solution that is versatile and impactful

Our curved tension fabric backwall is the most exciting and revolutionary portable display product on the market. By combining high-resolution tension fabric graphics and large photographic prints with a lightweight, easy-to-assemble aluminum tube frame, your 10×10 or 10×20 display offers the ability to transform its look, feel, and purpose from show to show.  Add shelves, standoffs, lighting, or monitors to make it your own.

Appearance:Sleek and Modern
Set-up:30-60 minutes
Flexibility:Interchangeable Sintra panels
Special Features:Available “Green option” and mounted LCD monitor
Durability:Lifetime Warranty
Size:Available in 8’, 10’ and 20′ wide
Value:Mid Level cost