Curved Tension Fabric Table Top

Introducing the brand new Curved Tension Fabric Table Top Display. These displays are portable and come in Straight, Vertical Curved and Horizontal Curved options.

It features state of the art aluminum tube frame with snap button assembly, rounded corners and comes with a limited lifetime warranty. The eco-friendly stretch Polyester fabric is virtually wrinkle-free once it is ‘pillow cased’ over the aluminum framing. It fits tightly around the frame and zips from the side down to the bottom securing the graphic in place. Your display will set up in just minutes and look fantastic, with the graphic perfectly stretched across the frame to create a virtually wrinkle-free surface.
Available with options. Lights, monitor mounts, and hard carrying case.

Set Up:20 Minutes
Flexibility:Interchangeable Panels
Durability:Lifetime Warranty
Special Features:Available as flat, horizontal or vertical curve. Monitor mounts avaiable
Value:Higher price