Monitor Counters

A quick and easy way to incorporate a monitor in your booth space.

Workstation Counter

Workstation Counter This Workstation is both unique and functional. The pop up style frame with folding black counter top and vertical monitor mount combine for a sturdy but portable workstation solution. Covered in tension fabric graphics, the counter and the vertical monitor mount carry your brand 360 degrees. This workstation doesn’t have a bad side! Easy access through the back of the skin allows for storage inside where you will find a small, convenient, optional shelf. Top quality dye sub printing on recyclable Polyester virtually “Wrinkle Free” stretch fabric was designed for this application. This Workstation works well with all types of exhibits. It looks complete when used on it’s own or in groups of workstations. It’s functional and it’s familiar all at the same time. A reliable portable workstation from the display line that truly defies tradition.Beautiful dye sublimation print wrap around the frames for a smooth, seamless finish in just minutes. Monitor stand holds no larger that a 26″ monitor and will only hold up to 14lbs. Bracket is designed to accept most standard monitor mounts. Please ensure your monitor has an appropriate monitor mount to allow attaching to monitor bracket.

Counter top can hold approx. 50lbs. Optional Internal shelf can hold approx. 50lbs.
Total weight placed on top & internal shelf combined not to exceed 75lbs