Panel System Table Tops

A versatile unit that provides an excellent showcase for your products

Panel System displays provide a clean, professional medium for getting your message noticed. This highly versatile system is covered in Velcro-receptacle fabric on both sides, which allows for the easy setup and customization of your show materials.

The lightweight display panels simply unfold to your desired configuration in minutes. In addition to a wide selection of brilliant colors, graphics of various shapes and sizes can be used and are easy to change.

Cost-effective panel displays come in a variety of sizes and price-points to meet your needs, and run from basic, stackable models to fully back-lit lighting-equipped models.

All Panel System displays are highly portable and meet current UPS and FedEx shipping standards.

Appearance:Basic to Substantial
Set-up:10 minute
Flexibility:Extensive options to customize your look
Special Features:Available “Green option” and mounted LCD monitor
Durability:Lifetime Warranty
Size:Available in 6′ or 8′ W wide x 46″ H models