Truss Displays

Truss displays are flexible components that can be incorporated as an accent to your existing display or built as a complete stand-alone structure.

Truss units provide flexible options to enhance a display’s impact. They are designed to be added as an accent to your current booth, incorporated into a custom design, or to provide the basic structure for your new truss display booth. All design applications may be upgraded as your needs change, simply by adding new parts.

Truss components are constructed of square, triangular, or flat pieces. Our truss structures are light-weight and feature easy assembly. They are available in a variety of high impact colors.

Truss pieces are constructed of durable, high-strength steel and capable of supporting monitors, shelves, graphics, lights or other accessories.

Use truss components to set up large walls full of colorful product photos. Purchase truss pieces to highlight individual items, or combine several of our truss components for an imposing trade show display.

Value:Moderate cost